Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys - Kate Brian

Warning Spoilers.....


So Megan's dad is in the Army and therefore Meg is always moving around and one day her parents tell her its time to move again but she refuses so they say she can stay if she stays with the McGowan Family who have seven sons (yes you read that right lol) who at the time Meg thinks are kids boy is she wrong.....


Evan,Finn,Sean,Doug,Miller,Ian and Caleb They are the youngest..

Now some of the boys don't like meg living there because their parents make rules for them and one boy had to give up his room so hes not happy and they really do make her life hell. At one point i was crying for her because i felt so sorry for her and i wanted to jump into the book and kick some McGowan boys ass.

My views

This book is a YA read (Young Adult) 

To be honest I loved it...It held my interest and kept me wanting to read the next page so much so that  I read it in about 2 and a half hours..At first I was like what girl wouldn't want to live with Seven guys but then i realized how hard it would be.Just going from an only child like meg is to Nine people living with you must be extremely hard to be without your parents and to not have a girl to talk to and to top it of be at a new school again.

This Book gets a 3/5 from me (Im tough with my scores i know i have to love love love a book if its getting a 5)